Flexible packaging manufacture

production of flexible packaging with flexoprint and designs of any complexity and sophistication degree promo bags production

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Our product range

Packaging for dairy products

     Current advancements in the market of packaging for dairy products do not only provide efficient milk filling solutions in line with customers’ expectations but also offer ways to safeguard healthy and valuable ingredients in the product. Flexible milk packaging now stands for convenience, good value for money, and at the same time it is very versatile and visually attractive. These have been…

Multilayer packaging

Lenbud Company produces multilayer packaging.

Packing in bags

     Today the method of packing in bags is extensively used for the widest range of products including bagged soil, fertilizers, mixed feed for animals, bags for pets’ sanitary litter, pet food, bags for pellets; but there is also a long list of food products such as dressed chicken, ice-cream, veg, and a other applications. Every day we see many of these products on…

Ice-cream packaging

      Lenbud Company offers wide range of packaging products including packaging for ice-cream.  Packaging material can be made from polyethylene, polypropylene films or composites combining several materials (laminated films); however there are also large-size packs which can hold from 450 g to 1 kg of ice-cream. These materials have…

Dry food packaging


    Today dry food packing embraces the widest range of grocery products, such as various pastas, cereals, sugar, beans, dry fruit, nuts, tea etc.  The most popular and widely used materials for such applications involve polypropylene films with prints and lamination which in the filling machines can be converted…

Packaging for mayonnaise

     Our company has technical capacity and long-term experience in producing quality packaging films for mayonnaise.  These films can be produced from single-layer white PE or from composite material comprising several layers of polymers. Packaging material of the first type is used for making pillow or flow packs, whereas…

Packaging for home care products

    Our company can offer various solutions for packaging home care products. This type of packaging shall meet particular requirements customized in line with specific properties of a product.  Generally, this packaging is made from multilayer polyethylene and other materials. The packaging shall have superior barrier properties, high sealing capacity but also look nice.…

Veg Packaging

    Colorful and convenient polyethylene pack for fruit and veg with corporate, brand or trade mark print always attracts consumer and enhances sales. Thanks to their convenience and time saving in grocery shopping, such products are particularly popular in retail chains. The pack shall provide the information on a producer and shall be made from transparent polyethylene,…

Promotional bags

Lenbud Company will take care of the entire cycle of making you corporate promo bag.

Film packaging material


   Lenbud Company offers a wide range of polyethylene materials for packing various products. We have the capacity to produce films according to the required specifications (sleeve, web, semi sleeve). We also produce