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Dry food packaging


    Today dry food packing embraces the widest range of grocery products, such as various pastas, cereals, sugar, beans, dry fruit, nuts, tea etc.  The most popular and widely used materials for such applications involve polypropylene films with prints and lamination which in the filling machines can be converted into convenient and strong packs. This mode of packing cereals, pastas, tea and similar foods also offers the way to provide consumers with useful and inspiring information helping to boost sales and strengthen your business. Lightness of packaging material is a strong factor in reducing logistics costs, whereas excellent barrier characteristics of polymers increase the shelf life of products by many folds. The base for this material is a transparent polypropylene film which allows consumer to see the content of the pack whereas flexoprinting on a pack helps to differentiate it and attract new consumers due to a unique and expressive design.

    Lenbud team sees its role as a supplier of quality packaging material at affordable prices aimed at supporting efficient and uninterrupted operations of our Clients. We will provide assistance in developing designs for you so that dry foods packaging will highlight you trade mark making it recognizable and easy to remember.  Thanks to our long-term experience and individual treatment of every job we can handle these challenging tasks with due expertise and care.