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Ice-cream packaging

      Lenbud Company offers wide range of packaging products including packaging for ice-cream.  Packaging material can be made from polyethylene, polypropylene films or composites combining several materials (laminated films); however there are also large-size packs which can hold from 450 g to 1 kg of ice-cream. These materials have excellent barrier characteristics, high weldability and thus protect the product from adverse external effects and hence extend the shelf life of a product. The advantages of this type of ice-cream packaging involve affordable material prices and excellent appealing appearance. The material shall be selected with the account of the biochemical properties of a product, storage conditions and transportation. It is also worth noting that ice-cream is quite a distinctive product as preferably it shall be sold fast and here the design of packaging comes to the fore and takes a key role. Our design studio will provide support in competent implementation of your ideas of the product design which helps to attract consumers and increase your sales.  Having been in flexible packaging production for many years, we will be happy to create a unique and innovative artwork for your product that will satisfy the highest demands. Ice-cream packaging shall be convenient, striking and colorful, and appealing for every consumer.   

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