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Multilayer packaging


     Multilayer packaging involves combining two or more materials through lamination. This packaging material is characterized by the high strength and excellent barrier characteristics; it is grease-resistant, air- and watertight, and these qualities significantly increase the product shell-life. Due to interlayer printing designs are duly protected from rubbing wear in extended transportation, and hence, packaging will retain its attractiveness under any conditions. By combining various films it is possible to produce packing material with specifications suitable for a particular product.  These requirements may include the use of components that prevent fragrance penetration, absorb ultraviolet radiation, are grease and oil proof, and etc. For these very reasons multilayer films find many applications for packaging food products, household cleaning goods, and beauty products and are also suitable for other sectors. 

      We will be happy to assist you in finding the best and most effective solution for your products. Our professional team will work at developing the most suitable packaging for your product. As we have long-term experience and run the integrated business process we can offer our clients quality material at competitive prices.