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Packaging for dairy products

     Current advancements in the market of packaging for dairy products do not only provide efficient milk filling solutions in line with customers’ expectations but also offer ways to safeguard healthy and valuable ingredients in the product. Flexible milk packaging now stands for convenience, good value for money, and at the same time it is very versatile and visually attractive. These have been the major reasons for driving the demand for this type of packaging in the Ukrainian market.

      Normally, flexible milk packaging is produced of multilayer 80-90 µm thick HDPE polyethylene film. One of the competitive advantages of flexible milk packaging is that it relatively cheap compared to other types of packs.  Besides, milk films can have various printed designs which effectively promote your company image and raise awareness of your products and brands among consumers.  

      On your request we can develop sophisticated artworks and take care of the entire cycle of pre-press jobs. Our design studio has substantial expertise and many years of practical experience in the area of milk packaging as this is our core business. 

       Lenbud Company runs integrated end-to-end production cycle which is essential for the delivery of high standard quality products at competitive prices. Our materials for packaging whole milk products fully comply with the requirements of the national standard DSTU 2661-94 under the Health Legislation of Ukraine. All materials that we produce have valid certificates and respective opinions of the hygiene authorities. This type of packaging material offers double gain - benefits for producers as it helps to minimize costs in the supply chain - packaging films are not bulky and do not need much space in a warehouse. And given that costs decrease significantly, this also offers advantages for end consumers. 

      In line with the clients’ specifications we can produce milk packaging with the account of specific properties of a product and filling equipment. Our packaging materials are characterized by:

    These special features make PE packaging for milk and dairy products very appealing to customers, as a pack is convenient, practical, and economical. Besides, the material helps to preserve useful ingredients of a product and simultaneously promote it.