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production of flexible packaging with flexoprint and designs of any complexity and sophistication degree promo bags production

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Packaging for home care products

    Our company can offer various solutions for packaging home care products. This type of packaging shall meet particular requirements customized in line with specific properties of a product.  Generally, this packaging is made from multilayer polyethylene and other materials. The packaging shall have superior barrier properties, high sealing capacity but also look nice. Thanks to interlayer printing of laminated materials, even in long-term transportation and storage products keep their appearance and retain the brightness and intensity of colours. Light packaging compared to the product volume helps to cut transportation costs.       

    The advantages of flexible packaging include economic effectiveness and adjustability to various products volumes.  These features have positive effect on pricing and increase consumers’ demand Design of a pack is also important as it differentiates your trade mark and catches a shopper’s eye. 

    Our team is ready to develop a unique design for you and produce quality packaging material at affordable price. Lenbud Company has long-term experience in the area of manufacturing various flexible packaging. Packaging material we make has excellent weldability which ensures strong and tight sealing even in packing fine dispersed and dusting home care products at practically any filler type. We handle tasks delegated to us competently and professionally and customize solutions to the demands of our Clients.