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Packaging for mayonnaise

     Our company has technical capacity and long-term experience in producing quality packaging films for mayonnaise.  These films can be produced from single-layer white PE or from composite material comprising several layers of polymers. Packaging material of the first type is used for making pillow or flow packs, whereas the second type, mostly laminated, polyethylene film is good for making Doy-packs.  The main task in packaging mayonnaise is to preserve useful qualities of a product and provide convenience in distribution and transportation chains, thus reducing costs to consumers.

      Flexible mayonnaise packaging is superior compared to other fats and oils packaging. The main advantages include low packaging material production costs; and thus ensure price competitiveness and small weight compared to weight of a product which helps to cut transportation expenses.  So, many producers and consumers prefer flexible packaging for mayonnaise.

      Our team of experienced professionals will be happy to assist you in developing creative and attractive designs and will take care of the entire cycle of pre-press jobs. We supply quality packaging material to our Clients and always respect our commitments and deadlines. And the end-to-end production cycle allows quality monitoring at every stage as we take overall responsibility for the products we make.

      We offer films and laminates of various sizes and thicknesses; create attractive packaging designs; ensure good film weldability and barrier characteristics. Quality mayonnaise packaging will always serve to differentiate your product, help to attract new consumers and increase sales.

      We will customize the solutions to meet your demands in the best possible way. Looking forward to fruitful cooperation to our mutual success and advantage.