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production of flexible packaging with flexoprint and designs of any complexity and sophistication degree promo bags production

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Packing in bags

     Today the method of packing in bags is extensively used for the widest range of products including bagged soil, fertilizers, mixed feed for animals, bags for pets’ sanitary litter, pet food, bags for pellets; but there is also a long list of food products such as dressed chicken, ice-cream, veg, and a other applications. Every day we see many of these products on supermarkets’ shelves and appreciate their convenience and attractive appearance. These packing bags provide essential information about the producer and a product, their benefits, and shelf life.  Hence consumers have the information they need, and a great design and convenient bag help them to grab the right one.

     Lenbud Company will make quality packing bags which will fit your particular product with due regard of its features and demands to the appearance. We will select and produce the most suitable materials of required sizes, composition and thickness. Our designers will competently implement your ideas and carry out the entire cycle of pre-printing jobs to create the unique design. We have many years of experience in flexible packaging production and will be happy to establish reliable cooperation to the mutual benefits of the parties.