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Veg Packaging

    Colorful and convenient polyethylene pack for fruit and veg with corporate, brand or trade mark print always attracts consumer and enhances sales. Thanks to their convenience and time saving in grocery shopping, such products are particularly popular in retail chains. The pack shall provide the information on a producer and shall be made from transparent polyethylene, so that a customer can clearly see the size, colour and the condition of products. The benefits for the consumer are significant – convenient packaging, availability of necessary information, nice appearance, easily recognizable product on the shelf and quality assurance from the producer. Besides, in transportation this type of packaging helps to protect products from mechanical damage and maintain the condition of the produce. In Ukrainian market this type of packaging is mostly used for potatoes, carrots, beetroots, onions, and apples. Packs may be of various sizes, specifically 1; 2.5; 5 and 10 kg.

     Packs are produced in strict accord with customers’ specifications (pack size; material thickness; punching; design etc). At the customer option we will create a design of any sophistication and produce packs of the required dimensions and thickness with quality flexoprinting.  

     Packs for fruit and veg can be designed to fit manual or semiautomatic filling or alternatively for automatic filling equipment. The difference is that for automated machines the packaging material is delivered in reels. On your request our designers will readily develop innovative design for successful promotion and sales of your products. We will be happy to support you and select the required materials.