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production of flexible packaging with flexoprint and designs of any complexity and sophistication degree promo bags production

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About us

Lenbud Company is the Ukrainian manufacturer of various types of flexible packaging.
Though our packaging is widely used for food products like ice-cream, milk and dairy products, pastries, pastas, bakery products, and cereals, we can also offer solutions for industrial goods, pharmaceuticals, home care products and the like.

We employ skilled and competent personnel, use advanced technologies and quality materials from the leading European companies and thus can provide reliable packaging solutions meeting the highest standards.

Our company has developed a comprehensive integrated approach to packaging production which embraces all stages from creating an artwork and making printing plates to full-colour printing on various substrates.
We carefully follow and track the advancements and novel trends in the packaging market so as to offer new solutions to our Clients.

The guiding principle of our business - integrated end-to-end approach to packaging solutions of our Clients

Lenbud Mission:
Promote successful implementation of business ideas and projects of our Clients.  Be competent and reliable business partner for our Clients in developing their trade mark. Pursue growth of our business and the business of our Clients and contribute to the prosperity of the packaging market overall.  

In line with our mission we are committed to

We use advanced technologies, customize our solutions and have competent staff, all these factors are strong arguments for placing your packaging orders with Lenbud. End-to-end production cycle assures consistent quality and at the same allows offering our Customers competitive and fair prices.

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